The Runnymede Half term by Montaventura banderaESP

Share a fantastic days with classmates, learn or practice alpine ski, here in Madrid.

From 17th al 21th February in Valdesquí

Registration and information in the phone number 915 28 59 50 or email to info@montaventura.com.

Early Birds discount: -30 euros inscriptions before 29th January 2014

Enjoy the snow 😉

Alternatives such as cross-country ski or walks with raquets in Navafria ski center are ready in case weather conditions are not suitable for open Valdesquí resort. Navafría has a refugy, material and facilities for our group.

Place and Dates

Just 1 hour by road from Madrid in Valdesquí in 17, 18, 19, 20 y 21 February

Grupos y nivel

Ski groups are limited and adapted to every ski level and lead by qualified instructors. Groups for children under 7 years are limited to 4 participants for each instructor.

The White Week is available to:
Year 1 to 6
Year 7 to 13


Childreen could participate alone or with parents, brothers...
Two coordinators and a car are at your service in the resort.

- 8:45h meeting point in front of principal Brain`s school door. Departure time: 09:00h aprox.
- 10:00h arrival to Valdesqui. Each instructor look for their group and take care of them, chidren are all the journey unde supervision.
- 10:00 – 10:30h rent equipment
- Ski course
- 13:00 – 13:30h Lunch time (meeting point at entrance area)
- Ski course
- 15:00 – 15:30h Delivery rented equipment
- 16.30h Return to Madrid to the same point (principal Brain`s school door)
Schedule may change due to number of participants.
  • Each participant should bring snakcs, lunch and water/juice every day.
  • Each participant should bring snow clothes read more
  • It is mandatory to send authorization to our email address before the White Week starts
  • Bus is not included in prices, therefore we colect 10 euros*/person every day.
  • 25 euros are charge in case you can not asist or 50 euros if you missed 2 days.
  • 10% discount in second brother/sister and 15% discount in third, forth… brothers and sisters.
  • Deadline is on 3th Febraury to fulfil inscription and proceed to the payment.
  • In the payment must be write: «Runnymede «participant`s surname».
  • Friends and family are welcome to use the bus and to ski without instructor supervision. 30euros is the cost for Forfait and 10 euros for transport in bus. Inscription with 24h in advance is neccesary (check availability).
  • Friends and family who want to get ski course should ask in advance.
  • Mínimun 30 participants to perform the activity.
    Early bird discount -30 euros payment done before 29 de Enero


    5 DAYS________________________550€
    3 DAYS________________________415€
    2 DAYS________________________290€
    Maximun 4 children in the group

    Year 1 to 6 – Year 7 to 13

    5 DAYS_______________________480€
    3 DAYS_______________________390€
    2 DAYS_______________________290€
    Between 6/8 children in the group


    For those with a high ski level we can offer reduce groups 4/6 children at 450€ / or 6 a 8 children 375euros. A minimun number of participants is requiered.


    Rent equipment (skis, boots and poles; helmet is not included), forfait, ski course lead by qualified instructor. Bus tiket must be paid daily in the bus (10€ person)

    Family and friends could join to the journey if bus has space. Prices are forfait 30€ y bus 10€ daily. Prices for rent equipment may vary depend on ski level. Mandatory inscription in advance.

    Last day party


    A supervisor check ski levels in the groups in case any modification of change is needed.
    Supervisor for those that became a bit tired....
    A car for emergencies.
    Limited places.

    Enjoy sking in Madrid`s Montains! Buses are runnig through Madrid and stops are set in demand. Alternatives are ready in case the ski resort could not open due to weather conditions. Children over 15 years could ski without supervision if parents fulfil the authorization.
    Departure at 8.45 / 9:00h. Come back around 16.30 / 17.00h (depend on traffic)

    Please send us aplication form with your data!


    Reduced groups with maximo 8 component or just 4 children if they are under 7 years old. Enthusiastic instructors take care of children all the time and teach them.

    Además, Montaventura, como especialista en la enseñanza del esquí a niños menores de 6 años, puede crear un programa adaptado a esas edades en caso de que el centro esté interesado. Para todos los programas y actividades, Montaventura trabaja con una metodología que garantiza el perfecto funcionamiento de la actividad y el total aprovechamiento y disfrute de la misma por parte del alumno.

    FAQ`s document for parentsHERE